Commercial Mixer Blade Parts & Accessories

Almost as important as choosing the right dispersion blade for your high shear application is selecting the correct way to mount it to your disperser. Mixer Direct utilizes four different attachment methodologies to secure your dispersion blade quickly and reliably. Check out our commercial mixer parts and mixer blade accessories below.

Center Hole - This attachment is for larger shafts and comes standard in all dispersion blades. It requires that your disperser's shaft have a tapped hole in the bottom of it. This is the standard attachment for all Mixer Direct dispersers DP4 frame size and smaller.

Bolt-On Hub - With this type of blade mounting, the solid hub bolts onto the dispersion blade and allows a set screw attachment to a small or large size shaft. For higher torques a keyway will be required.

Weld-On Hub - More economical than the bolt on hub, however a new hub must be purchased when the blade reaches the end of its useful life.

Blade Adapter Shaft - A ground 3/8" diameter 316L shaft with a thread section to accept 1/4" center hole for smaller dispersion blades up to 4" in diameter.

Also under the mixer blade accessories for dispersion blades are stiffening plates. These plates allow longer life and increased safety for blades larger than 8" in diameter. Not all commercial mixer parts and accessories are listed on the website, if you have a particular replacement part needed please contact us and we will get a solution to you right away or call us at 812-200-0902 to find industrial mixer parts.

1.25" Bore Bolt-on Hub

1.25" Bore Bolt-on Hub

HUBDBL150-125 $446

Bolt-on Hubs fasten to high shear dispersion blades using bolts threaded into blind tapped holes. The bolt-on hubs are secured to the shaft using set screws simplifying customization and blade replacement. The bolt hub has a 1.25" bore and a 3" OD. Mixer Direct’s bolt-on hubs allow continuous upgrading and diversification of high shear dispersion blades and can be used in conjunction with our stiffening plates for increased blade life.