Dual Shaft Mixers & Dispersers

Dual shaft mixers typically consist of sweep style anchor impellers and
smaller homogenizing mixers that work to break agglomerations and/or create
emulsions. The anchor impeller works close to the tank wall and feeds product
to the homogenizing mixer location. These anchor impellers can include scraper
elements to aid heat transfer and to help move viscous or sticky materials from
the tank walls. Mixers are independently operated to allow for
speed variations as the product or application
rheology changes.
30HP Dual Shaft Disperser With 300 Gallon Vessel

30HP Dual Shaft Disperser With 300 Gallon Vessel

DS0200OSAANA $86,250

Download the Dual Shaft spec sheet Standard Features: Air over oil with oil reservoir and pendant controls (50 gals or more) Lift and vessel safety limit switches 304ss interchangable mix vessel with flat bottom, fork truck channels, and casters. 304ss lid with dust seal Vessel locating and locking retaining bracket All interior welds ground smooth for cleanability Multi member nylon scrapers Independant motor, drive, and control systems for low and high speed shaft Fittings: 2" -150# drain fitting 3" triclamp sight glass in lid 3" triclamp charge port in lid 1" NPT half coupling Optional Features: Vacuum Internal pressure Jacket for heating and cooling Insulation Temperature probe Pressure sensors Batch Sensors Explosion proof Food grade finishes Complete batch control system Increased clearance to the floor 316ss wetted Full customization available