Flange Mount 20-1000 Gallon Mixers

This line of mixers from Mixer Direct attaches to a 2.5”-150# ANSI flange. Designed for heavy duty applications the flange mount mixer includes an extra mounted support bearing, all welded construction, and a durable powder coating. Many customers choose flange mixers because it can utilize an existing connection on their tank.  In light of this, a MixerDirect flange mixer can adapt to a complete range of flange sizes from 1.5" to 12" ANSI flanges.

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The ANSI flange mount mixer is highly customizable with multiple gear ratios, impellers and shaft lengths for your application.

Do you need a seal?  Most applications require the ANSI flange mount agitator to at least include a lip seal.  However, we can fit the mixer up with a single mechanical, double mechanical, or a V-ring gland seal. Don't feel like you have to size your flange mount mixer on your own, just call us at (812) 202-4047 or contact us and we'll get back with you the same day.

top entry flange mount

1.5 HP Top Entry Flange Mount Mixer 7.5:1 Gearbox 20" High Efficiency Impeller

TFL015233 $3,366

Mixer Direct's Top Entry Mixers handle the largest mixing applications in the industry. Designed to bolt to the top of a frame or tank these durable mixers come equipped with low shear dispersion blades capable of mixing high viscosity fluids. The flange mixer's utility lies in its ability to attach to an existing connection. Mixer Direct can customize the flange to adapt to the ANSI flange for your application.The 7.5:1 gearbox on this industrial mixer a premium helical gear drive, hollow shaft cover, and an oil sight glass. The top entry mixer comes equipped with a 1.5 HP electric motor and a 20” high efficiency impeller. The 304 stainless steel flange comes with Teflon lip seals for optimal sealing power. The top entry mixer comes fitted with a 1.25" diameter shaft 44" long. Our customization options include longer shafts, multiple gear ratios, a range of motor horsepower, and varied impellers to encompass any mixing need. Download the TPL010350 Tech Sheet