High Shear Agitators

Mixer Direct's line of High Shear Mixers are customized for each application.  Our engineers have built systems to deliver high shear mixing in a beaker up to dispersers that process hundreds of gallons at a time.

The most common high shear mixer is a disperser. Dispersers use dispersion blades turning at high RPMs to pulverize a liquid batch. Depending on the viscosity, Mixer Direct has a host of high-speed dispersers to convert different percentages of the energy provided by the motor to shear or to promote liquid movement.  Without a correct understanding of that ratio, you can have a high shear mixer but your batch can be irregular in its grind because of dead spots.  Some of the high-speed dispersers and blades of our new ultra shear line have performed so incredibly well that they have eliminated the need to mill coatings after dispersion.

High shear mixing can also be accomplished using three roll mills, horizontal and vertical ball mills, sand mills, and a host of other methodologies.  Let us help you determine what your process needs, call us at (812) 202-4047 or contact us through the website and we'll get back with you the same day with information on our high-shear mixers and high-speed dispersers.

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Air Powered Disperser

4HP Air Lab Bench Disperser for up to 5 Gal Containers

DP1040ADA $3,029

Newly released from Mixer Direct, the DP1 line of bench top dispersers is one of the most economical and full featured disperser lines on the market. The high shear dissolver can handle a wide range of volumes from 200 mL up to a 5 Gals. The unique container holder adjusts so as to clamp the vessels in place firmly at a wide diameter range. One step dispersion blade change out lets the operator quickly tune in a process, using different size dispersion blades or even different blade geometries that better accommodate the shear level needed for the application. The DP1 high speed disperser line does not just perform well with the process, but is also easy to use. Models are equipped with an air lift system that effortlessly moves the dispersion blade in and out of the mix. Controls for air dissolver are in the front of the unit, with the exhaust piped to the rear of the unit to minimize noise and blowing against the operator. All of the DP1 air high shear mixers operate from 0-3000 RPM and can accommodate vessels up to 16” in height. If greater height is needed please see the DP2 line of air...

Air Powered disperser

4HP Air High Speed Disperser for up to 20 Gal Containers with Air Lift

DP2040ABA $3,623

The DP2 line from MixerDirect handles all of your dispersing needs from 5-20 Gals. Producing a high speed dissolver in this range of volume has traditionally been difficult to find as customers are directed to either a lab bench model or a large floor mount disperser. The new DP2 gives you access to a machine that is designed for this volume. With an 24" lift the DP2 high shear mixer can easily accommodate up to 20 Gal of material, and stay in a size that can still fulfill mixing in 1L beakers. The air lift moves smoothly in and out of position using a 3-way air valve, allowing the high speed dispersion blade to be positioned at any position inside the mixing container. This is important if you are going to be dispersing products at a variety of viscosities. Changing out the blade on the DP2 for your different chemistries can be done in less than 30 seconds. A huge variety of blades are available for the unit allowing for higher shear levels all the way to high pumping blades for high viscosity materials. Speeds are controlled by the included precision needle valve to meter the air flow to the...