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10 HP ShearPro 10 Inline Rotor Stator

10 HP ShearPro 10 Inline Rotor Stator

IRSSP1010-10 $14,850

This inline shear pump includes the following features and options: Materials of Construction: All product contact parts of metal construction will be 316 Stainless Steel. Non-product contact parts will be painted with epoxy paint. Connections: Inlet/Outlet connections will be 2”/ 2”  Sanitary clamp, for fast and easy disassembly, and cleaning. Motor: Power: 10 hp, Voltage: 230/460V, Phase: 3, Frequency: 60 Hz, Nominal Speed: 34500 rpm, Inverter Duty: 2:1, Efficiency: Premium, Service Factor: 1.15. Static Seals (O-rings): TES (PTFE encapsulated Silicone). Dynamic Seal: Single mechanical, sanitary design, cartridge type for easy removal and assembly, balanced for longer life and better efficiency, materials of construction are Q1Q1KMG, where: Q1 = Silicon Carbide
K = FK
M = Hastelloy C4
G = 316 Stainless Steel