Lab Mixer

Mixer Direct's laboratory mixers are meant to handle volumes from 1 to 50 gallons, and they range from laboratory agitators powered by an air motor to electric lab stirrers. These lab mixers for sale are especially popular and come equipped with variable speed drives with electronic transmissions, digital display, and controls. 1) Stand, this usually consists of a base with a vertical rod. Different size bases and vertical rod heights can differentiate between them. 2) Clamp, this couples the vertical rod to the lab stirrer's horizontal rod. 3) the actual laboratory mixer. 4) The shaft, usually from 1/4""-1/2"" diameter and made of ground and polished stainless steel. 5) The lab stirrer impellers which convert the power of the laboratory mixer to either shear or pumping in the fluid.


Putting together these lab mixer components may seem like a time-consuming task, but let Mixer Direct make it easy. We can help you put together a complete laboratory mixer package for you with all of the elements fitted for your lab mixer.  Call us at (812) 202-4047 or contact us through the website and we'll get back to you with same day solutions for your lab stirrers.

2HP Explosion Proof Lab Post Mount Rotor Stator with Air Lift for up to 5 Gal Containers

2HP Explosion Proof Lab Post Mount Rotor Stator with Air Lift for up to 5 Gal Containers

RP1020XDA $11,066

The RP1 bench top rotor stator is one of the most economical and fully featured rotor stator lines on the market. This high shear mixer can handle a wide range of liquid volumes up to 5 gallons. The unique container holder is adjustable to clamp vessels of various diameters firmly in place. The RP1 comes standard with an angle slotted stator but can be quickly and easily replaced with a general purpose stator or an emulser stator for added variability. Adjust the height of the rotor stator with an air or electric lift option, allowing you greater versatility on vessel height. The VFD gives you a greater level of control with a digital RPM readout to ensure proper operating speeds for your process. The RP1 operates at mixing speeds from 500-5000 RPM and accommodates vessels up to 16” in height. If a taller height is needed, consider the RP2 line of post mount rotor stators.