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Impeccable quality, timely deliveries and innovative designs are the qualities you want from a tank manufacturer. Mixer Direct has the technology and expertise to provide the custom tanks a manufacturer should. We use only top-quality materials in our stainless steel mixing tanks. We know if you're trusting your material constituents to disperse, emulsify or grind to fine powder, you don't want to worry if your mixing tank will hold up under the stresses introduced. Read on to discover how Mixer Direct is the stainless steel tank manufacturer you've been looking for.

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Choosing the Correct Mixing Tank Manufacturer for Your Application

Before you purchase the mixing tanks a manufacturer is trying to sell you, ask, "What is the critical factor in this tank design for my application?" If they can't effectively answer that question, go elsewhere. Mixer Direct understands the differences a correct mixing tank can make in industrial mixing. If you're working with liquids, viscosity is going to be the critical factor. If it's like water, you'll have a turbulent flow, and almost any mixing tank design will do. But if it's a significant-viscosity liquid, the flow will be laminar — the flow is in parallel layers without disruption — and a round tank is usually best. But whatever your specifications, Mixer Direct has the stainless steel mixing tanks to match them perfectly.

What Types of Bottoms Do Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks Come In?

There are four basic types of mixing tank bottoms, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Flat Bottom: Flat-bottom tanks have a prevalent and valuable design. Neutral geometry, which works well with solids or liquids, and a lower manufacturing cost, are benefits of flat bottom mixing tanks. Drainage is the only disadvantage, especially with solids and significant-viscosity liquids.
  • Dished Bottoms: Often used in pressurized tanks, dished bottoms are manufactured in three different geometries: 2:1 Elliptical, ASME 80:10 and Standard Flanged and Dished. Dished bottoms offer increased rigidity, better drainage than Flat Bottoms, and better solids suspension than cone designs — except for the 2:1 Elliptical design. But a longer shaft will be needed, increasing cost, and a special kicker impeller may be needed for the 2:1 Ellipticals.
  • Sloped Bottom: Sloped-bottom tanks provide excellent drainage without the need for a longer impeller shaft. However, solids suspension performance is reduced as the slope increases.
  • Cone Bottom: Cone-bottom stainless steel mixing tanks provide superior drainage, critical for high solids content slurries. Solids suspension, however, should NOT be done in a cone-bottom mixing tank due to fluid stall and stratification potential. Radial flow and temperature gradients can also be negatively affected.

Should I Use a Baffle In My Mixing Tank?

Baffles are an excellent addition to use in multiple applications. Mixer Direct offers a unique baffle option with various clamp designs. Think of your mixing tank as the bowl used for mixing a cake batter. When using beaters to mix the dry powder, water, oil and eggs, you don't just hold the beater in the middle; you move it around. If it stays in the middle, it won't mix all the ingredients, and your cake will be ruined. Baffles work similarly to ensure the contents being combined move from top to bottom in your mixing tank. Therefore, your material is stirred consistently instead of swirling in place.

How Can I Get Consistent Temperature in a Stainless Steel Mixing Tank?

Achieving consistent temperature without dead spots is a challenging aspect some industries face and every tank manufacturer must address. Mixer Direct developed an innovative bottom dimple jacket that addresses this issue without extra holes in your stainless steel mixing tank. To increase your safety and ensure a spectacular finish, Mixer Direct uses fiberglass insulation and stainless sheathing in the mixing tank.

Buy From the Best Industrial Mixing Tanks Manufacturer: Mixer Direct

Providing high-quality stainless steel, poly and carbon steel tanks, a manufacturer must be competent in multiple ways. Mixer Direct offers over a decade of engineering and manufacturing experience in mixers and mixing tanks for hundreds of industries. And our engineers can build a custom mixing tank for you that goes beyond what our competitors can offer. We'll add new and innovative solutions the others haven't thought of. You can't mix any material without a tank, and you shouldn't use a tank that isn't tailored to your industrial mixing needs. Let our customer service team and our excellent engineering staff create the mixing tank that'll take your processes to the next level. We're ready to be your tank manufacturer, so reach out to us today to learn more.