Plate Mount 20-1000 Gallon Mixers

The Plate Mount Mixer typically is bolted to two C-channels across the top of the tank. However, this Plate Mount Agitator has been mounted in almost any conceivable way that accommodates a 12X12 plate. Plate Mount Mixers are designed for heavy duty applications with an extra flange mounted support bearing and all welded construction. These large industrial mixers are highly customizable with multiple gear ratios, seal packages, flange sizes, impellers and shaft lengths for your application.

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Raiden Standard 1/2 HP Plate Mount Top Entry Mixer

Raiden Standard 1/2 HP Plate Mount Top Entry Mixer

RDNSTD005P-80 $3,050

The Standard line of Raiden mixers establishes a new price point and speed-of-delivery for a quality top entry mixer. The MXD Process™ team has optimized the Raiden Standard line to be in stock with 48-hour shipping times at a high value price. The Raiden Standard mixer is equipped with a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) electric motor. The motors are suitable for inside or outside applications carrying an IP55 enclosure rating that protects against water spray and dust ingress. They are dual rated and badged for 230/460V 3 Phase 60Hz or 200/400V 3 Phase 50Hz operation. Perfect for USA or international applications. These motors are also inverter rated and can be safely wired into a variable speed control system. Let us know if you would like to add a Speed Controller to your Raiden Standard mixer.  

top entry plate mount side view

1.5 HP Top Entry Plate Mount Mixer 10:1 Gearbox 24" High Efficiency Impeller

TPL150175 $3,056

Mixer Direct's Top Entry Mixers handle the largest mixing applications in the industry. This heavy duty mixer comes with a thick plate designed to bolt to the top of a frame or tank. These durable mixers come equipped with low shear dispersion blades capable of mixing high viscosity fluids. The 10:1 gearbox on this industrial mixer features a premium helical drive and a hollow shaft cover. The top entry mixer comes equipped with a 1.5 HP electric motor and a 24” high efficiency impeller. The top entry mixer comes fitted with a 1.25" diameter shaft 54" long. Our customization options include longer shafts, multiple gear ratios, a range of motor horsepower, and varied high efficiency impellers to encompass any mixing need. Download the TPL010350 Tech Sheet