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12 inch folding impeller with 3/4 inch bore

Folding Impeller, 12in Dia, 3/4in Bore

FLP012075 $302

Mixer Direct’s line of large folding impellers allow you to get the stirring power of a large impeller through a 6” NPT opening, like that of a IBC tote. All stainless construction ensures durability and cleanability. The blades fold down due to gravity and open up as the mixer is activated.

12 inch hydrofoil impeller with 1 inch bore

High Efficiency Impeller, 12in Dia, 1in Bore

HEI012100 $366

The 3 bladed 316SS high efficiency impellers offer the greatest pumping per horsepower in the Mixer Direct impeller line. They are used in a variety of applications from general blending to storage tanks. A low cost alternative to propellers in the larger sizes they are popular on the flange mount, plate mount and top entry lines.

12 inch propeller with 3/4 inch bore

3 Blade Propeller, LH, Sq, 12" Dia, 3/4" Bore

PRPL12075 $316

The 3 bladed stainless square pitch impeller is the staple impeller for many mixing processes due to its efficiency and durability. Mixer Direct’s propellers are solid 316L for maximum corrosion resistance in most environments. Being left handed, they will pump in a downward direction when rotating clockwise. Almost every process industry utilizes this product in some capacity, from chemical and coatings, to pharmaceutical and construction.