Rotor Stators

The ShearPro™ rotor stator is a high intensity in-line mixer that can be used for blending, producing extremely stable emulsions, ultra-fine dispersions, accelerated reactions, and can eliminate fish-eyes and hydrate polymers and gums for thickening products.
 The ShearPro™ unit can be used in either once-through, or recirculating mixing processes. For once through processes, products can be coarsely mixed, and then passed through rotor stator mixer; or multiple streams can be injected at the inlet of the mixer, and then mixed as it passes through unit to be completely mixed. For recirculating processes, simply connect the ShearPro™ to the outlet of your tank or tote, and recirculate your product back to the top of your tank. 
A wide range of mixing tools are available, and are completely interchangeable. This allows the ShearPro™ to be configured to match the mixing energy that is required by the application, in order to produce superior products as efficiently as possible.

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