MXD Hydra

Integrated Batch Processor 


• High thrust impeller system, achieving and maintaining reduced duration homogenous mixes

• Optimized impeller design allows for minimum wetted surface areas, decreasing time devoted to cleaning and simplifying the validation of a cleaning process

• Integrated Ratio™ software, allowing for a seamless shift from a batch process recipe to semi-continuous operation

• Load cells for precise weighing of each ingredient

• Wirelessly operate from your phone, computer, or tablet browser as easily as from the HMI screen

• Vacuum intake allows for the fast impartation of both liquids and powders

• ShearPro™ high shear technology with interchangeable shear rate mixing tools allows for an exact tune of the shear input for your process, but doesn't lock you into one design parameter forever

• Fully automatic CIP system, with all spray balls positioned for zero shadowing

• Dimpled jacket heating and cooling, allowing for even heat transfer over the side wall of the vessel

• Liquid ring vacuum pump integrated to control system

• Connection points all tie back to one location for simple integration and floor space savings

• All wetted product surfaces are 316L, with all other product surfaces 304L

• All elastomers are FDA approved: Silicone, Viton or EPDM