Our Values

Mixing Equipment Company Values: The founders of Mixer Direct, Inc. operate from Biblical Christian world view. Consequently, our mixing equipment company’s values will be drawn from and reflect that set of values. Because we believe that a Biblical world view best corresponds with reality; we have a strong confidence that these values are valid and true and conforming to them is most likely to be beneficial to our operations and our people. We believe that these values will effectively motivate ourselves and our employees because they will resonate with what is already written in the human soul.

Man and his environment: The earth was created to be a habitation for mankind, the pinnacle of God’s Creation and the reason for its existence. This has several implications:

Development: The earth was made to be discovered and developed by the labor and ingenuity of man. We have a duty to make use of all its resources for the benefit of mankind and the glory of God. This both justifies and places limits on our commercial and industrial activities. The earth is ours to explore, explain and exploit but it is not ours to abuse for it has been entrusted to us by God to whom we must give account. We must not waste it, abuse it or use it for unworthy or frivolous purposes.

People: Because men are created in God’s image, we value people above all earthly things and remember that they are ends more than means. That is, we value customers and prospects as more than sources of revenue, employees as more than just labor, suppliers as more than just sources of materials. As eternal souls made in God’s image we owe them justice, fairness and respect, and we should always keep in mind that each person we touch has a life story that matters and will last forever.

Integrity: We believe that truth is the highest of values and its absence is the greatest source of evil and disintegration in the world. That axiom extends down to the nation, the community, the organization, the family and, indeed, each individual life. We will encourage one another to face the truth about ourselves and our business even when it is unpleasant. We will speak the truth up and down the chain of authority, and we will be truthful with one another at all levels. We will be especially careful to speak the truth to our customers at all times.

Excellence: The universal human admiration and longing for excellence and perfection is the result of our built in desire to reach for the Divine. We think this is good and will encourage excellence in everything that we do. Recognizing that we live in an imperfect world and will often fall short of our goals; we will strive to measure our performance constantly and improve it together.

Leadership: Jesus set the example of servant leadership showing how the most effective leader has an obligation to serve those under him. In our company, those in authority will be expected to zealously pursue the task of providing for the needs of those who work under them from the Board of Directors down to the team leader on the production floor. Leaders will constantly work on improving the system for those who work in it.

Service: Capitalism is built on the notion that one is rewarded for supplying the needs of others by offering a product or a service for which they willingly pay a price. This echoes the Christian obligation to love our neighbor. We will encourage our employees to serve their internal and external customers well, and we will seek to advance those who best exhibit that attitude. As a joint enterprise we will make it our priority to serve our external customers first, trusting that the rewards will follow.

Community: We are united into a community by our covenant with one another to serve the common good. This covenant runs deeper than a simple contract. We reject attitudes of entitlement and practices that optimize our personal gain at the expense of the whole. We will strive to demonstrate that what is good for the company is good for the individuals working in it, and we will operate continually on the belief that this is so.

Nourishment: We will pay our workers a fair wage and strive to provide the best benefits possible given the productivity and profitability of the firm. We believe that every employee should share the life blood of the company. Consequently we will tie some portion of our employees’ compensation to company performance so that we all share together in our success.

Steadfastness: We will do our best to set policy and pursue markets that will build value for the long term. We will not sacrifice long term gain for the expediency of making short term figures look better. We will strive to live consistently by all these values as long as we continue in business.

Purpose: We believe that our business exists to do more than create wealth for the shareholders although this is a primary purpose. It also must provide a place where individuals can establish their lives, support their families and grow to meet their best potential. Beyond that, however, we desire to use the talents and resources of the business in support of Christian missions. This may take the form of establishing subsidiaries or joint ventures with church members in overseas locations or simply providing financial support to worthy charities and missionary operations. In any case, we will keep in mind the importance of this goal and seek innovative ways of making an impact.