High Viscosity Mixers

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The MXD Process planetary mixer is a highly versatile processing tool with orbital impeller motion to ensure mixing of the most challenging products. Our planetary mixer design can offer precise environment control to fit your temperature, pressure, or sanitary application requirements.


Planetary mixers are used to blend adhesives, caulks, sealants, foods and chemical products with viscosities up to 8,000,000 cps. In addition, the planetary mixer provides thorough mixing of shear sensitive products where viscosity is not the challenge. A non-planetary action dual shaft or single shaft mixer cannot effectively process these highly viscous or highly sheer sensitive products.

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  • Large range of viscosity processing from 1 cps - 8 Million cps
  • Oversized TEFC Heavy Duty motors from 2 HP to 50 HP
  • Dedicated design gearboxes allowing for multiple speed mixing tools and highly rigid operation for close wall tolerances
  • All helical gearing w/ advanced synthetic lubricants allows for 20,000 hours of run time between oil changes
  • Widened inner ring bearings provide greater shaft support for solids addition shock loading
  • Machines can be configured to operate in the most hazardous environments up to Cl1Div1 classified areas
  • Heating and Cooling via jacketed tanks
  • Multiple lift technologies Air/Oil, Hydraulic and Electric actuated available
  • Shaft and mixing tool attachments allow for a versatile use with thousands of impeller combinations to create the right mixing profile for almost any application

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Planetary Mixer Features



From disperser and top entry mixers to side entry adhesive mixing machines, we have expertise in whatever specifications you need and we can come up with the right mixing solution for you. Contact us to learn more about our sealant mixers and adhesive mixing machines.

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Food And Beverage

We offer a wide range of mixing and processing equipment for the food and beverage industry. When you contact us our experienced team will help to create the right mixer solution for your process, along with meeting the sanitation levels that you need.

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We have truly sanitary process equipment and pharmaceutical powder mixers to help keep your process as sanitary as possible and help you meet your goals. We can also customize the mountings and fittings on your tank and work with you to design a system that can take care of all of your needs from a mixer to controls.

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Inks, Coatings, And Paint

When it comes to completing your mixing system for inks, coatings, & paints we have plenty of options for industrial paint mixing machines and tanks that need to meet your specifications. From different mounts and seals to finishes for the inside of your tank, and a variety of lid options with different mounts and fittings to help in mixing.

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