Tote Mixing System

IBC Tote with Attached Mixer

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One of a Kind

Unlike anything available online, our tote mixing system is a new and innovative system designed to save you money and time with minimal installation and a fast turnaround.

Maximize on Space and Savings

The tote mixing system consists of an IBC stainless steel tote and two available mixer options that are specially designed to attach to the top of the tote and allow for the mixing of various materials.

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Available in Two Motor Sizes

Choose from 1/2 HP or 1 HP motors to mix a variety of materials. These low shear mixers come with one or two 18" high efficiency impellers that work best for liquid-liquid applications, miscible solids blending, and some liquid suspensions.

Threaded Mount Simplifies Your Installation

Each mixer attaches with a simple 3" thread, making it easier than ever to remove or move mixers. The offset manway allows the mixer to be centered on the tote instead of centered on the manway, allowing use of the manway while mixing.

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Space Saving Opportunities

By nature of its shape, these totes have a smaller footprint in your facility than a traditional cylindrical tank. The offset manway allows for easier access to mixing liquids, as it's set closer to the edge of the tank versus the center of many standard IBC totes. Line them up side-by-side when mixing or stack them tall when empty for storage.

High Quality Materials at an Affordable Price

This 350 gallon custom tote is made with 304SS for outstanding corrosion resistance. It doubles as a storage tote and retains UN31 certification with the mixer removed and its threaded cap in place. The usage options are endless with this custom tote mixing system!

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Fast Turnaround

We keep these systems in stock for fast shipping. From our shop to your door in under 2 weeks.

Ditch the Middleman

Order directly online, no sales representative needed. Check out our huge selection of other mixers, impellers, and systems available.

Made for a variety of industries.

These tote mixers make it easy to mix, even if you're just getting started. They fit well in any process.

Top Quality Service

Our sales engineers are always available to answer questions or help you set up your system. They're one click or phone call away.