4 HP Air Gear Drive Drum Bracket Mount

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Download the drum bracket mount air gear drive tech sheet Drum Bracket Mixers unique design attaches to any standard metal 55 gallon drum. The drum bracket’s lightweight and sturdy construction allows mixing to be performed in the drum eliminating the need to transfer the product to another container. Mixer Direct’s Drum Bracket’s angled end plate provides a rigid mount to the 55 gallon drum allowing for more vigorous mixing. The air gear drives have a 7.5:1 worm gear reduction to provide the torque needed to mix medium to high viscosities and come equipped with (1) 12" axial flow impeller . Mixer Direct offers a unique baffle option to prevent vortexing and improve top to bottom mixing. Our customization options for this air powered gear mixer include longer shafts, multiple gear ratios, and varied impellers to encompass any mixing need. Note: Baffles shown in the picture are an add-on and must be purchased separately.

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  • Item Number DBM400AGD
  • Air Motor Requirement 130cfm @100psi
  • Enclosure Type IP55
  • External Material Painted Steel
  • Gearbox Yes
  • Gearbox Enclosure Painted Steel
  • Gearbox Ratio 7.5:1
  • Gear Type Helical
  • Horsepower 4
  • Impeller Attachment Set Screw
  • Impeller Diameter 12 in
  • Impeller Material 304SS
  • Impeller Type Axial Flow Turbine
  • Motor Type Air
  • Mount Drum Bracket Mount
  • Number of Impellers 1
  • RPM 0-466
  • Shaft Attachment Coupler
  • Shaft Diameter 1 in
  • Shaft Length 28 in
  • Shaft Material 316SS
  • Speed Controller Yes
  • Wetted Material 316SS