2HP Explosion Proof Lab Bench Disperser for up to 5 Gal Containers

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The DP1 line of bench top dispersers is one of the most economical and full featured disperser lines on the market. The high shear dissolver can handle a wide range of volumes from 200 mL up to 5 Gals. The unique container holder adjusts so as to clamp the vessels in place firmly at a wide diameter range. One step dispersion blade change out lets the operator quickly tune in a process, using different size dispersion blades or even different blade geometries that better accommodate the shear level needed for the application. The DP1 high speed disperser line does not just perform well with the process, but is also easy to use. Models are equipped with an air lift system that effortlessly moves the dispersion blade in and out of the mix. With many explosion proof high speed dispersers, you have to leave the rated area to adjust the speed or you are stuck cranking down on a variable speed pulley while reaching around your vessel. With the DP1 explosion proof line, the dissolver controls are located in an explosion proof box right in front of the operator, with the motor control box located outside of the rated area. This local control ensures safe and efficient operation for the high speed disperser and is equipment standard on all explosion proof DP1 dispersers. All of the DP1 explosion proof electric high shear mixers operate from 0-2700 RPM and can accommodate vessels up to 16” in height. If greater height is needed please see the DP2 line of air dissolvers. As with all of our mixers, Mixer Direct is committed to best in the industry lead times. Please contact our sales engineers if you have any questions on sizing or expedited delivery (812) 202-4047.

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  • Item Number DP1020XDA
  • Air Lift Requirement 80PSI@1CFM
  • Blade Attachment Bolt 3/8/16
  • Enclosure Type Cl1-Div1-GrC,D
  • Horsepower 2
  • Impeller Attachment bolt-on
  • Impeller Diameter 4 in
  • Impeller Material 304SS
  • Impeller Type Dispersion Blade
  • Lift Height 12 in
  • Lift Type Air
  • Max Current 13.3 A
  • Max Vessel Height 25 in
  • Motor Type XP TEFC
  • Mount Post
  • Number of Impellers 1
  • Phase 3
  • RPM 500-5000
  • Shaft Attachment Integrated
  • Shaft Diameter 0.75 in
  • Shaft Length 12 in
  • Shaft Material 316SS
  • Speed Controller Yes
  • Throat Depth 6 in
  • Total Height Lowered 30in
  • Total Height Raised 42 in
  • Voltage 230 V