Emulser Rotor Stator, 4 in Dia

Emulser Rotor Stator, 4 in Dia

Emulser Rotor Stator, 4 in Dia

Regular price $2,375.00
Lead Time: 30 Business Days
Customize your post mounted rotor stator mixer with a variety of rotor stator mixing tools, allowing for more shear or more flow depending on your process requirements.
Part Number: RSSTATOR040EMS6
The Emulser stator works best for creating fine emulsions or suspensions in lower viscosity mixtures. Emulser stators break down ingredients with small holes or a fine mesh, creating an ultra-high shear environment.

  • Item Number RSSTATOR040EMS6
  • Impeller diameter 4 in.
  • Impeller material 316SS
  • Impeller type Rotor Stator Set
  • Lead time 30 Business Days
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