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Triplepoint Enviornmental: Case Study

A while back we met with the business development manager, Braden O’Leary, from Triplepoint Water Technologies. Triplepoint grew out of a small civil engineering firm that exclusively works with small wastewater facilities called lagoons. These are essentially a large pond where the wastewater is held and treated. Their goal is to design processes and technologies to address problems such as outdated or overwhelmed wastewater facilities


Triplepoint works with all sorts of shapes and sizes of facilities with different needs and processes. “Tripilepoint has a lot of what we call pilot facilities or pilot units and we send them out to different facilities for them to evaluate our technologies with their specific wastewater,” O’Leary says. “Part of that process includes a mixer, and that’s when we called Mixer Direct.”


As stated before, Triplepoint deals with all sorts of shapes and sizes of facilities which means not one solution will solve every problem. They were able to give the details such as tank size, materials, and how they need to mix, and our engineers were able to give them a unit that would fit that process perfectly. “We were a little bit hesitant to begin with. We didn’t know if this was going to be enough, but interestingly enough its been running in -15° weather, 104° weather, and for years straight this mixer has not conked out on us”