316SS | Fits 1/4 - 4 in. Dia. Shafts

Bolt-On Dispersion Blade Hub

Bolt-On Dispersion Blade Hub
Bolt-On Dispersion Blade Hub
316SS | Fits 1/4 - 4 in. Dia. Shafts

Bolt-On Dispersion Blade Hub

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Lead Time: 3 Business Days
Used to securely attach a dispersion blade to a mixer shaft.
Part Number: HUBDBL037-025

Bolt-on hubs provide a convenient solution for attaching high shear dispersion blades, utilizing bolts threaded into blind tapped holes. These hubs offer easy customization and blade replacement through the use of set screws to secure them to the shaft. This design enables seamless upgrades and diversification of high shear dispersion blades, while also facilitating the incorporation of stiffening plates for extended blade lifespan. With the ability to continuously enhance and adapt the mixing process, our bolt-on hubs stand as a versatile and efficient tool for various industrial, high shear applications.

Drill your own bolt holes into a standard dispersion blade, or purchase a matching dispersion blade with pre-drilled holes for quick setup.

See listed Specifications for Hub Bolt Pattern. For questions about hub and blade compatibility, please chat with us for a quick resolution!

  • Item Number HUBDBL037-025
  • Bolt circle .688 in.
  • Bolt hole pattern B1 Bolt Pattern
  • Bore size .25 in.
  • Fasteners included #12-24
  • Lead time 3 Business Days
  • Outer diameter 1 in.
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