Pneumatic Air Driven Mixers

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Compressed air is a great source with which to power mixing equipment. These air powered mixers are intrinsically safe to operate in high solvent environments and they allow you to inexpensively control the rotation of the shaft. Some downsides of air driven and pneumatic mixers are the high-volume requirements for air flow necessitating large compressors/reservoirs for sustained operation and the fluctuation of speed based on the impeller resistance in the fluid. Mixer Direct has a large selection of air driven mixers which can be sorted below by functional attributes. Browse here or contact us for more information on air mixers.

Discover the Benefits of Air Mixers

Harness the power of compressed air with an air mixer from Mixer Direct. Perfect for use in confined spaces and with harsh or flammable solvents, air-driven mixers provide advantages for many industries. Keep reading to learn why air mixers may be the right choice for you.

Primary Benefits of an Air Mixer

An air mixer offers several benefits over electric mixers. Other benefits of air mixers are:

  • Won't Produce Electric Sparks: Unlike electric motors, air mixers have no electrical components that could generate a spark, making an air mixer a safe choice for mixing flammable materials.
  • Lightweight: With no heavy motor attached, air mixers are lightweight and perfect for 5-gallon buckets and other smaller applications where a heavier electric motor would be problematic.
  • Portable: Since they're lightweight and need no electrical outlet, air mixers can be used in one area and then moved to the next. This is especially helpful for smaller industries or those who need multiple containers mixed throughout the plant.
  • Greater Speed Range: With the turn of a valve, an air mixer operator can smoothly increase or decrease the shaft speed as necessary.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Remove it from the bucket or drum and clean it according to the types of materials mixed.
  • Unaffected by Heat: Unlike an electric motor, an air mixer has no coil to overheat or shut down, so it won't have damaged parts due to excessive heat. The air in the air engine cools the agitator.
  • Less Contamination: Since there are so few parts to an air mixer, there is less risk of contaminating the material it's stirring.
  • Gentle Blending: An air-powered drum mixer provides a steady, gentle mixing process.

What Different Types of Air Mixers are Offered by Mixer Direct?

At Mixer Direct, you're sure to find the type of air mixer you need for your business. Heavy-Duty Clamp Mount mixers offer greater versatility and portability across many industrial applications. A Drum Lid Mount allows you to cover the drum and uninstall the mixer in one easy step. If you need to stir five-gallon pails, get yourself a Ring Mount Mixer with folding impellers that fit through the bung opening and open when activated. And if you're working with IBC Totes, an Air Gear Drive Tote Bracket Mount with two impellers and a bracketed range of 36-48" fits almost every IBC Tote or tank, allowing top-mounting with a bracket. And there are many more air mixers to choose from with Mixer Direct.

Can I Customize an Air Mixer?

We'll gladly customize your air mixer from Mixer Direct — working with you to ensure you get the best options, including longer shafts, different gear ratios and various types of impellers. We also offer different seal packages and flange sizes to protect from possible leaks and keep dust and other particulates out of the material you're processing.

Shop for Your Next Air Mixer from Mixer Direct

When you purchase an air mixer from Mixer Direct, you're choosing more than just a well-designed, well-built tool — many companies offer that. Mixer Direct offers more, such as customization and professional help to ensure your air mixer performs to its optimal level regardless of the application. And Mixer Direct remains committed to staying atop the industry in lead times, so you're producing faster and with the best air-driven mixers on the market. Our customer care team is ready and waiting to help you. Reach out to us today, and we'll offer solutions for all your mixing needs.

25 products