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Mixer Direct has a wide selection of lab impellers of almost any conceivable geometry. Low shear impellers, small axial and radial flow turbine, Teflon impeller with stainless core, anchor paddles, miniature folding paddles. We know that you want to optimize your process and there are many choices of lab mixer impellers. You can chat here and one of our engineers can help you through the process or you can call us for more information on these lab mixer blades, (812) 202-4047, whatever is more helpful. Browse lab mixing blades below.

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4" Folding Lab Impeller with 5/16" x 16" Shaft

4" Folding Lab Impeller with 5/16" x 16" Shaft

LIMF40313 $101

Designed to fit into beakers and flasks with narrow necks, Mixer Direct's Folding Lab Impeller is the perfect impeller for your laboratory. In the folded position these impellers have a diameter of less than 5/8" allowing them to fit inside your 24/40 joints. When rotated centrifugal force raises the impellers which open with an outside diameter of 4" and create radial flow. Made from corrosion resistant 316SS these impellers give you the mixing you require in those narrow necked laboratory vessels.