Sometimes things just don’t work out, so here is our returns process:

1. Call us at (812) 202-4047 ext. 1 to get return authorization. Not only will it ensure that your return makes to the right place to be inspected in our facility but we may be able to help with what was causing the problem.

2. Any items that have been exposed to your compound are non-returnable. You wouldn’t want some residual chemistry on the next impeller you buy, would you?

3. If the item being returned is not in new condition or was custom made it is non-returnable.

4. Send the item back to us to with the RMA# displayed on the outside of the box.

5. We will inspect the package when it arrives, and if the item is in new condition we will give you full credit. There is no restocking fee. We’ve never understood the philosophy that says “the customer has already been inconvenienced by returning something, let’s really stick it to him and charge him for his inconvenience.”


Sometimes there is a change of need after placing the order, so here is our policy:

1.  If the item being purchased is custom made, cancellation fees may apply.

2. If we have begun the drawing, there will be a cancellation charge.