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Chromatech: Case Study

We met with the one and only Derek Westerbur, Operations Manager at Chromatech inc., located just outside of Detroit in Canton MI. Chromatech specializes in creating color solutions by liquifying dyes and pigments. Their dyes can be found in a variety of applications such as the food industry, household items like soap products, and paints.


Chromatech was expanding and in need of a process to maximize production. “The company has been growing significantly over the past five years,” Derek says, “It came to a point where we had some capacity restraints.” They also ran into the problem of knowing what they needed and where they wanted to be but lacked the technical expertise to get there.


Not only did Chromatech need an upgrade, but they were also in search of someone with experience in process engineering who could come alongside them, learn what they needed, and design a new process that fit their exact needs. Derek and his team worked with MXD engineers to develop their new process and build the system they needed to succeed. From design to installation, MXD was there every step of the way.