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INOAC: Case Study

We talked with advance manufacturing engineer Sean Hetzell and process engineer Payton Carrico from Inoac Inc. in Bardstown, KY. Inoac has been manufacturing quality parts out of materials such as polyurethane, rubber, plastics, and composites for over 50 years with a focus on the automotive industry here in the U.S.


Inoac’s current process was outdated and in need of some upgrades. “Currently we have a polyurethane foaming process where we’re manually mixing 13 different chemicals,” Hetzell says. “The biggest challenge overall with our process was we had to design it from the ground up” Carrico adds, “This is something Inoac has never done before.” The current process had some issues where the solid ingredients weren’t properly dissolved into the mixture. “We really wanted somebody that had some expertise and experience that could help us design, fabricate, and build some equipment that would be able to handle that.”


Inoac reached out to us at MXD and outsourced the design, build, and install. “We started the design with load cells, which is kind of an older technology where you pour the chemicals into a tank and weigh them,” Hetzell says, “Now we’ve evolved into mass flow meters.” We were able to integrate automated mixing and mass flow meters to their process and they’ve been running ever since.