Raiden Standard

Raiden Standard

The Raiden Standard mixer line establishes a new price point and speed-of-delivery for a quality top entry mixer. The MXD Process™ team has optimized the Raiden Standard line to be in stock with 48-hour shipping times at a high value price. The Raiden Standard line is available from 1/2 HP to 5 HP servicing tanks from approximately 300 to 3000 Gallons and up to 1000 cps. Our customers routinely ask for and appreciate quantity discounting. Our goal for this mixer line is to bring that preferred quantity discount pricing to every Raiden Standard mixer sold and to offer speed of delivery with no expedite fees. Take a look at our specifications below and see how the Raiden Standard line can get you mixing in a hurry. 


The Raiden Standard mixer is equipped with a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) electric motor. The motors are suitable for inside or outside applications carrying an IP55 enclosure rating that protects against water spray and dust ingress. They are dual rated and badged for 230/460V 3 Phase 60Hz or 200/400V 3 Phase 50Hz operation. Perfect for USA or international applications. These motors are also inverter rated and can be safely wired into a variable speed control system. Let us know if you would like to add a Speed Controller to your Raiden Standard mixer.


The Raiden Standard mixer ships with a right-angle worm drive gearbox. The right-angle orientation saves overhead space in your facility for ease of installation. The gearbox offers a hollow bore output quill and a branded shaft fixing kit cover for safe operation. Each gearbox ships with synthetic oil for more time between oil changes and a wider operating temperature range. 


The Raiden Standard Mixers operate with (2) 3-Bladed High Efficiency Impellers (HEI). This hydrofoil style impeller is an industry standard for low to medium viscosity products and has the greatest pumping volume per horsepower in the MXD Process™ impeller line. The HEI is equipped with keyways and set-screws for secure shaft attachment and features bolt-on blades for quick blade changes. 


Raiden Standard shafting is Turned Ground and Polished 316L grade stainless steel. This shafting is straight with a straightness tolerance of 0.002” TIR per ft and a diameter tolerance of -.001"/-.003" from nominal size. Shafting is precut and machined with lengths up to 90” (specific models will vary). Shorter lengths can be requested and will not affect your 48-hour shipping time. 


Raiden Standard mixers mount on either 6” or 8” Class 150 ANSI flanges (HP specific) or on 12x12 or 16x16-inch square plates (HP specific). This allows you to mount straight to your tank via industry standard connections. The flange mount style will include an ambient pressure rated Viton lip seal. 

The "Kit"

The Raiden Standard mixer line “Kit” is partially fabricated and assembled prior to your order. This allows the MXD Process™ team to offer quantity discount pricing and our 48-hour shipping times. The “Kit” specification is fixed and has been designed to offer a wide range of mixing capability.  Shafting can be changed to a shorter length at the time of order and represents the sole option offered with a Raiden mixer purchase. Reach out to our helpful sales and engineering teams to see if the Raiden mixer line is right for your application. We do offer additional mixers and configurations but they would not be available at the Raiden Standard “Kit” pricing or lead times. 


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