Ebooks and Brochures

Download all of our brochures and mixing resources here. Listed here are brochures for our individual product lines, or download our catalog for a more comprehensive listing of our industrial agitators and stainless steel tanks.

Our Ebooks give an in-depth description of common industrial mixing applications and technical information.


Our catalog showcases over 250 industrial mixer designs and our ready-to-order stainless steel and poly tanks. View our selection of impellers and additional accessories for your mixers.

MXD Brands

At MXD Process, we strive to provide options for your entire liquid process. Learn more about our various brands and the different products and services they provide.

Mixing Resources

Below are deeper insights into common mixing scenarios and applications. These are helpful for customers interested in beginning mixing or serve as a great refresher for our more experienced customers.


We serve many industries in liquid processing. These brochures showcase the specific mixers and vessels for each industry and can serve as a guide to shopping for your specific needs.