Stainless Steel In The Food Industry

Stainless Steel In The Food Industry

Food processing began centuries ago when families and villagers preserved foods through salt preservation, fermentation, and sun drying. Now food processing is a billion dollar industry with amazing technical advances that provides convenient, lasting foods. Stainless steel mixing tanks played a key role in the progression of food production in the past and continues to play a key role in improving the food production industry today.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel comes in many different grades, determined by the percentages of the alloys used in its production. This means that certain alloy combinations are more durable than others. Therefore, it is important to use the proper grade in food processing.

Stainless steel tanks are the most common choice in food manufacturing because many of stainless steel’s inherent qualities help protect the food and improve the related processes. Stainless steel does not corrode, and depending on the alloy percentages, is very resistant to rust. These tanks do not leak chemicals or other particles into food products so it will not add or steal any flavors from the food, nor will it leave behind any unwanted chemicals or toxins.

Stainless steel is also a good conductor, which means that it can transfer heat as needed, and it is comparatively easy to control or regulate the temperatures. This can be an extremely important feature, depending on the foods or liquids being mixed in the tank and the desired results.

Who Uses Food Grade Tanks?

The FDA has very strict regulations for food handling and processing to ensure that all products are sanitary and free from unwanted bacterial growth. Any company that handles fruits, meats, milk, or vegetables needs reliable tanks for mixing, storing, and otherwise processing food that will be used for public consumption.

When used as a storage material, stainless steel tanks protect a wide range of foods by making sure they are not touched by oxygen. Food products, such as olive oil, may be stored for up to a year, but if subjected to oxygen, the exposure can change the flavor and ruin the oil. Because stainless steel does not allow oxygen or corrosive particles to get into the mixtures, it is the perfect choice for a storage tank metal.

Whether you are mixing citrus and fruit juices or storing food products for extended periods, food grade stainless steel tanks are an advantageous choice. At Mixer Direct, we can customize them to match your needs and fit your available space so that your efforts in the food industry are both safe and efficient.