Multi-Shaft Mixers

Agitators And Dispersers

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Multi-Shaft Mixers are one of the most versatile mixer systems that Mixer Direct has to offer. What other mixer can boast of handling water like viscosities and then bite into a batch of clay to produce a homogeneous finish? Some models in the planetary line can even handle up to 8,000,000 cps! Heat transfer applications end up being even more difficult at those higher viscosities, but the dual shaft, triple shaft or planetary mixer can quickly turnover the interface fluid and allow for even heating without localized overheating.


Mixer Direct’s Multi-Shaft Mixers can be customized with literally thousands of combination of different mixing blades, sweeps, anchors, helical lifts, homogenization heads to create just the right amount of pumping action balanced with shear force. A scraper equipped anchor or sweep blade will pull any material that adheres to the side wall of the tank back into the high speed tool for accelerated mixing.

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Mixer Direct builds these units with versatility in mind but also long term quality. We use oversized heavy duty electric motors, high speed cogged V-belt drives for increased shive wrap and torque transmission, advanced synthetic lubricants that allow 20,000 hrs of run time between oil changes, and widened inner ring bearings for increased resistance to solids addition shock loads.

Integrated Tank

All of our multi shaft mixers come with an integrated stainless steel tank built to the exact specs of the mixer, so you never have to worry about fitting a different tank to your mixer. They can be equipped for dimple heat transfer, channel jackets for oil and high viscosity heat transfer fluid. All units can also be rated for vacuum service to significantly reduce air entrapment during the mixing process.

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Options for impellers include: helical, axial flow, dispersion, butterfly, augers, hydrofoils, rotor stators, and more.


Our Ratio batch control system allows you to build and visualize each batch in an easy to use drag and drop interface. MXD Process can configure controls for your existing systems or help design a heating and cooling system tuned for your energy input and accuracy required. If the mixer will be part of a larger PLC controlled plant we can handle a complete design build with mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers supporting our project management team.

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From disperser and top entry mixers to side entry adhesive mixing machines, we have expertise in whatever specifications you need and we can come up with the right mixing solution for you. Contact us to learn more about our sealant mixers and adhesive mixing machines.

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Food And Beverage

We offer a wide range of mixing and processing equipment for the food and beverage industry. When you contact us our experienced team will help to create the right mixer solution for your process, along with meeting the sanitation levels that you need.

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From different mounts and seals to finishes for the inside of your tank, and a variety of lid options with different mounts and fittings to help in mixing. Our engineers will help to custom design industrial paint mixer machines and paint processing equipment that goes along with the tank that meets your needs.

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We have truly sanitary process equipment and pharmaceutical powder mixers to help keep your process as sanitary as possible and help you meet your goals. We can also customize the mountings and fittings on your tank and work with you to design a system that can take care of all of your needs from a mixer to controls.

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