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The Raiden Plus mixer was designed to handle a larger workload than the Raiden Standard mixer to help increase your production scope. The Raiden Plus is available from 1/3 HP to 50 HP servicing tanks from approximately 5 to 20,000 Gallons and up to 100,000 cps. These mixers include a flexible design that allows for integrated gearmotors as well as NEMA motor adapted gearboxes. The seal options are expanded on the Raiden Plus mixer line and include single lip seals for ambient conditions, and component mechanical seals or high-performance double lip seals for pressure and/or vacuum conditions.

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The Raiden Plus mixer is equipped with a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) electric motor. The motors are suitable for inside or outside applications carrying an IP55 enclosure rating that protects against water spray and dust ingress. They are dual rated and badged for 460 /230V 3 Phase 60Hz or 400/200V 3 Phase 50Hz operation. Perfect for USA or international applications. These motors are also inverter rated and can be safely wired into a variable speed control system. The Raiden Plus mixer also has explosion proof (XPFC) options available.


The Raiden Plus mixer ships with a parallel helical inline gearbox. The 95% premium efficient gearbox makes the most of the Raiden Plus premium efficient motors. Every Raiden Plus gearbox ships with a long-life synthetic oil and offers temperature extremes from -31F to 140F. The gearbox sits on either a flange or plate and offers an incredibly low-profile design with integrated outboard bearings and seals.

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The Raiden Plus Mixers operate with (2) 3-Bladed High Efficiency Impellers. This hydrofoil style impeller is an industry standard for low to medium viscosity products and has the greatest pumping volume per horsepower in the MXD Process impeller line


The Raiden Plus flange mount mixer has seal options including ambient rated Single Lip seals in Viton, Nitrile and FDA materials, Component Mechanical seals with a variety of O-ring options for Pressure/Vacuum applications, and Double Lip seals for Pressure/Vacuum with an Industrial rated Nitrile O-ring or FDA rated Silicone O-ring.

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