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Partially fabricated and assembled prior to your order. This allows the MXD Process team to offer quantity discount pricing and our 48-hour shipping times. The specification is fixed and has been designed to offer a wide range of mixing capability. Shafting can be changed to a shorter length at the time of order without extending lead times.

Best Pricing

We have intentionally stocked these parts in bulk to be able to offer the best pricing on the market. Don't think we're sacrificing quality at these prices. You won't find mixers of this quality and these lead times anywhere else.

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The Raiden Standard mixer is equipped with a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) electric motor. The motors are suitable for inside or outside applications carrying an IP55 enclosure rating that protects against water spray and dust ingress. They are dual rated and badged for 230/460V 3 Phase 60Hz or 200/400V 3 Phase 50Hz operation.


The Raiden Standard mixer ships with a right-angle worm drive gearbox. The right-angle orientation saves overhead space in your facility for ease of installation. The gearbox offers a hollow bore output quill and a branded shaft fixing kit cover for safe operation. Each gearbox ships with synthetic oil for more time between oil changes and a wider operating temperature range.

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The Raiden Standard Mixers operate with (2) 3-Bladed High Efficiency Impellers. This hydrofoil style impeller is an industry standard for low to medium viscosity products and has the greatest pumping volume per horsepower in the MXD Process impeller line.


The Raiden Standard can be customize by choosing shaft lengths from as short as 48 inches up to 90 inches on select mixers without extending lead times. And you can do all of this online right now.

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