Stationary Mixer Stands

Our stationary mixing stands complement our clamp-on mixers and rod mount stirrers perfectly for hands-off operation. Even smaller mixers work well clamped onto our optimized stand mounts and mixer lifts, allowing for them to go in and out of your tank or drum with a flip of a switch or turn of a crank. These mixing stands for sale are generally anchored into a hard surface floor or bolted to a steel structure. Select the power source for the mixer lift: air, electric, winch or manual. Lab stands are under the stationary manual lift heading.

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Stationary Mount Mixer Stand, Winch Lift

Stationary Mount Mixer Stand, Winch Lift

MXSS80WIN $891

Specially designed to increase throughput, the hand winch lift stand allows for Mixer Direct clamp mount mixers to be moved vertically out of a tank or drum to position the next batch into place. The hand winch lift includes a bidirectional brake for safe lowering and raising the mixer. A seven-and-a-half degree pitch on the clamp surface optimizes the mixer's entry angle to assist in self-baffling a non-baffled tank or drum. All non-wear surfaces of the hand crank winch lift are powder coated to ensure longevity and corrosion resistance. The stationary stand must be anchored for correct operation.