30HP DP4 Electric High Speed Explosion Proof Disperser with Air over Oil Lift

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For high speed dispersing there is no better value than the DP4 from Mixer Direct. Whether you are mixing coatings, cosmetics, or need some extra shear to get to a proper final solution, the DP4 high speed disperser has the power you need to get the job done. For products let than 15,000 cps you can calculate the required horsepower for your dissolver by dividing your required volume by 10. For example, a 30 Gal batch would normally require 3 HP to disperse. The dimensions on the high shear mixer allow for a 48” lift and a 40” diameter vessel.
The air over oil lift moves smoothly in and out of position using a 3-way air valve, allowing the high speed dispersion blade to be placed at any position inside the mixing container. This is important if you are going to be dispersing products at a variety of viscosities.
Changing out the blade on the DP4 for your different chemistries can be done in less than 30 seconds. A huge variety of blades are available for the unit allowing for higher shear levels all the way to high pumping blades for high viscosity materials. Speeds on the dissolver are controlled by a local explosion proof controller that communicates with a digital speed controller that is mounted outside of the rated area. The speed range for this unit is 0-1200 RPM.
A 2" 316SS shaft is standard on all DP4 units, precision ground and polished along its entire length for high speed mixer service.
Customizations and options on these units include container holders, slower or faster speed ranges, expolsion proof tachometers, and a variety of lift heights. As with all of our mixers, Mixer Direct is committed to best in the industry lead times. Please contact our sales engineers if you have any questions on sizing or expedited delivery (812) 202-4047.

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  • Item Number DP4300XBO
  • Air Lift Requirement 80PSI@1CFM
  • Blade Attachment Bolt 5/8/11
  • Enclosure Type Cl1-Div1-GrC,D
  • Horsepower 30
  • Impeller Attachment bolt-on
  • Impeller Diameter 16 in
  • Impeller Material 304SS
  • Impeller Type Dispersion Blade
  • Lift Height 48 in
  • Lift Type Air over Oil
  • Max Current 36 A
  • Max Vessel Height 48 in
  • Motor Type XP TEFC
  • Mount Post
  • Number of Impellers 1
  • Phase 3
  • RPM 120-1200
  • Shaft Attachment Integrated
  • Shaft Diameter 2 in
  • Shaft Length 61.5 in
  • Shaft Material 316SS
  • Speed Controller Yes
  • Throat Depth 24 in
  • Total Height Lowered 68in
  • Total Height Raised 116 in
  • Voltage 460 V