Axial Flow Turbine RBW, 22" Diameter, 1 1/4" Bore | Mixer Direct

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The axial flow turbine is a classic medium shear impeller. Very effective in both low viscosity and high, this impeller allows a mixer to the break up agglomeration and impart solids effectively. They will draw more power per volume than the propellers or hydrofoils as motor power is converted to shear energy. This impeller has a reduced blade width (RBW)design to drop the power requirements at the same diameter.

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  • Item Number AFTS22125
  • Bore Size 1.25 in
  • Impeller Attachment Keyway
  • Impeller Diameter 22 in
  • Impeller Material 304SS
  • Impeller Type Axial Flow Turbine
  • Key Size 0.25 in