5-20 Gallon | Heavy Duty | High Shear

RP2 Electric Post Mount Rotor Stator

RP2 Electric Post Mount Rotor Stator
RP2 Electric Post Mount Rotor Stator
5-20 Gallon | Heavy Duty | High Shear

RP2 Electric Post Mount Rotor Stator

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Lead Time: 10 Business Days
Designed for applications of 5-20 gallons, this high speed rotor stator mixer provides efficient ultra high shear blending in small to medium batch processes. Easily control mixer speed to precisely optimize your dispersion processes.
Part Number: RP2030VBA

RP2 Post Mount Rotor Stator - Your High Shear Mixing Solution for 5-20 Gallon Volumes!

The RP2 Post Mount Rotor Stator is the ultimate answer to all your high shear mixing needs, catering to volumes from 5 to 20 gallons. With a generous 24" lift, the RP2 rotor stator effortlessly accommodates various mixing vessels, ensuring versatile mixing capabilities.

Experience smooth and precise positioning with the air lift, controlled by a 3-way air valve, allowing the rotor stator to be positioned at any height within the mixing vessel. This flexibility proves invaluable when dealing with products of varying viscosities, delivering consistent and reliable results.

Adapt the RP2 to your specific mixing requirements by quickly and easily changing out the stator. The RP2 comes standard with an angle slotted stator, but offers additional variability with the option to replace it with a general-purpose stator or an emulser stator.

Maintain full control over the mixing process with the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive), featuring a digital readout to ensure optimal operating speeds tailored to your specific process.

The RP2 operates at speeds ranging from 0 to 5000 RPM and effortlessly accommodates vessels up to 25" in height. For taller height requirements, explore our RP3 line of post-mount rotor stators, delivering equally exceptional performance.

Unleash the power of precision mixing with the RP2 Post Mount Rotor Stator, designed to tackle high shear mixing needs for volumes from 5 to 20 gallons. Experience unparalleled mixing capabilities and achieve remarkable results with ease!

  • Item Number RP2030VBA
  • Air lift requirement 80psi @ 1cfm
  • Enclosure type IP55
  • Horsepower 3 HP
  • Impeller diameter 2.5 in.
  • Impeller material 316SS
  • Impeller type Angle Slot Rotor Stator
  • Lead time 10 Business Days
  • Lift height 24 in.
  • Lift type Air
  • Max vessel height 26 in.
  • Motor type TEFC Electric
  • Number of impellers 1
  • Phase 3 Ph.
  • Rpm 500-5000
  • Shaft diameter 1 in.
  • Shaft material 316SS
  • Speed controller Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Total height lowered 35 in.
  • Total height raised 59 in.
  • Voltage 230V
  • Volume 5-20 gals.
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