Small Batch | Laboratory | High Shear

DP1 Air Lab Benchtop Disperser

DP1 Air Lab Benchtop Disperser
Small Batch | Laboratory | High Shear

DP1 Air Lab Benchtop Disperser

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This high speed benchtop disperser provides high shear dispersion in small batch or laboratory settings. Easily control mixer speed to precisely optimize your blending processes.
Part Number: DP1008ADA

Bench Top Dispersers - Economical and Full-Featured!

Our DP1 line of bench top dispersers stand out as one of the most economical and feature-rich options available in the market. This high shear disperser effortlessly handles a wide range of volumes, from 200 mL up to 5 gallons, catering to various batch sizes. Its unique container holder firmly clamps vessels of diverse diameters, ensuring a secure setup for efficient mixing.

With a quick, one-step dispersion blade change-out process, operators can easily fine-tune the dispersion process using different blade sizes or geometries, customized to suit specific application needs. Constructed with a heavy-duty air motor, this high-speed disperser guarantees safe operations even in hazardous environments, while demanding minimal maintenance.

User-friendly features of the DP1 line include an air lift system, allowing effortless movement of the dispersion blade in and out of the mix. The controls are simple to operate, equipped with an air needle valve for speed adjustment. Operating at speeds from 0 to 5000 RPM, these electric high shear mixers accommodate vessels up to 16” in height. For greater height requirements, check out our DP2 line of dispersers.

Experience top-notch performance and ease of use with the DP1 Line of bench top dispersers. Unleash the potential of efficient and hassle-free mixing for a wide range of applications!

  • Item Number DP1008ADA
  • Air lift requirement 80psi @ 1cfm
  • Air motor requirement 30cfm @ 100psi
  • Horsepower 3/4 HP
  • Impeller attachment Bolted onto internally threaded shaft
  • Impeller diameter 2 in.u0026 3 in.
  • Impeller material 316SS
  • Impeller type Dispersion Blade
  • Lead time 7 Business Days
  • Lift height 14 in.
  • Lift type Air
  • Max vessel height 16 in.
  • Motor type Air Motor
  • Number of impellers 2
  • Rpm 300-3000
  • Shaft diameter .75 in.
  • Shaft material 316SS
  • Speed controller Brass Precision Needle Valve
  • Total height lowered 26 in.
  • Total height raised 38 in.
  • Volume 200ml - 5 gal.
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